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UEF Islamic Center Condemns Terrorist Attack in New Zealand Mosques
(Fort Wayne, IN 03/15/2019) Universal Education Foundation Islamic Center (UEF) is deeply saddened and condemns the terrorist attack on New Zealand Mosques by a hate filled gunman who killed 49 innocent people during Friday prayers in what is the largest act of mass violence in New Zealand’s history. UEF encourages all places of worship to enforce extra security for all services. UEF will be hosting an interfaith prayer on Sunday March 17th at 7 pm at UEF located at 2222 Goshen road for the victims of this heinous crime.
In a statement UEF President Tariq Alkhairy said:
”The Fort Wayne Muslim community is heartbroken for our Muslim brothers and sisters in New Zealand who were gunned down during Friday prayer services. All life is precious and prayer services are a time of peace and reflection and we urge our elected officials to condemn the hate that affects all places of worship. To the families of the victims may God grant you peace and patience during this difficult time. I ask all of Fort Wayne to join us at UEF this Sunday evening for an interfaith prayer.”
Universal Education Foundation (UEF) mission encourages acquisition of Islamic knowledge and values, development of understanding and tolerance towards people of all faiths and promotion of harmony and peace in our community.

Join the Fort Wayne Community as UEF’s next Imam:


UEF is a non-profit, 501 (c3) Islamic center, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

UEF is seeking an Imam that can provide Islamic religious guidance, practices, and leadership to the Muslim community; perform 5 daily prayers: establish and promote educational and extracurricular programs for adults and youth; lead the establishment of a unified Muslim community welcoming to all Muslims from different backgrounds and cultures; engage with the larger community to promote friendship and understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims in the community.


The ideal candidate would possess a degree in Islamic Studies or related field from an accredited educational institution, have previous experience, and demonstrated ability to interact with and relate to youth and people of different cultures, backgrounds and faiths.


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